Terms of Service

By using this service you agree to the following Terms of Service:

This service allows users to upload and store files on the server and share URL with others in order to access uploaded files

Usage of the service is volountary for all the users

Users using this service and adding files to the service take full responsibility for the content of the files.

It's forbidden to add files by users for which users dont have permission for uploading and sharing.

Files violating these Terms of Service will be automatically deleted.

Users violating these Terms of Service may have limited or blocked access to the service - and all of their files might be deleted

Users visting and downloading files should immediately report any suspicion of files violating law or intellectual property and are forbidden to download such files.

Service is not responsible for the files added by the users

You agree that your use of the service will be at your sole risk

Service provided under these Terms of Service is provided to you as is with no warranties

Service can change these Terms of Service at any time

Refusal to accept these Terms of Service will result in blocked access to the service